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Toms Shoes

Toms Shoes, one of the most wanted brands in footwear today. Toms shoes are a favourite amongst many style conscious men and women. Toms Shoes are not just any ordinary espadrille, they are so much more than that!

Tom Shoes offers the One For One promise with every pair of Toms Shoes sold, Toms gives the same pair to a child in need. With this promise Toms have already donated over 1 million pairs to children in need.

At Mr Shoes we have a great collection of Toms shoes, in the best selling colours and styles and even a few exclusive Tom Shoes designs. We have red, navy, black, grey and white as well as the Toms University espadrilles and the Toms morocco which have been extremely popular this season. Although Toms shoes are not just for summer season, offering a brilliant winter collection too Toms Shoes are a brand to invest in!

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