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The espadrille shoe, the word espadrille usually translates to mean sneakers or running shoes. However, the espadrille is the rope soled canvas shoe which Toms have made famous. Espadrille shoes were once seen as peasant shoes; shoes worn by poor families not by choice but out of need. Today, our opinion of espadrilles could not have changed more. They are seen as fashionable shoes which are loved and wanted by most.
The espadrille originated from the Pyrenees, a flat or heeled canvas full shoe or sandal with a lightweight ropey sole.  Espadrilles are extremely comfortable; the flexible rope sole which moulds to your foot after just a few wears enhances comfort. Espadrilles are seen as a summer shoe or sandal although brands like Toms have adapted the design to create espadrille boots for Autumn/winter too.  Mr Shoes offers a huge choice of espadrille shoes, from various brands in all styles and colours, shop online for espadrilles at

If you’re not a fan of the flat casual espadrille and would prefer a heeled sandal take a look at the range of wedge espadrilles also available at Mr Shoes. Wedge Espadrille shoes still offer the rope sole but on a covered wedge, Kelly Brooke has been seen wearing wedge espadrilles as has Alexa Chung. 

Espadrilles for women take style tips from Alexa Chung and wear your espadrille with tights and a dress for winter, that’s right winter and espadrilles can work. No need to pack them away when the weather turns simply change the way you wear your espadrille add a layer like tights or replace shorts with skinny jeans and a cheeky turn up. In the summer it’s all about bare legs, style espadrille shoes in the summer with almost anything denim shorts, dresses or skinnies all look great. Espadrille shoes make effortless yet stylish dressing easy.

Espadrilles for men, anything goes guys when you’re wearing espadrilles go for fun prints and colours and show some of your personality through your shoes. Style them with simple jersey basic t-shirts and vests, chinos, denim or tailored shorts all look great for summer for winter same rules apply just add layers, a cardigan, blazer or scarf.