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Espadrilles originated from the Pyrenees, a flat or heeled canvas full shoe or sandal with a lightweight ropey or foam sole.  The focus for these shoes is the extremely comfortable and flexible rope sole which moulds to your foot after a few wears offering comfort and style in one.

 Espadrilles where once classed as peasant footwear, how times change today they are seen as the complete opposite and a hugely sought after shoe. Espadrilles are today extremely trendy shoes with brands such as Toms, Firetrap and Paez transforming the way we think of espadrilles forever. Loved by both men and women all over the world; people of all ages are wearing their favourite’s espadrilles. The canvas upper acts like a blank canvas to designers, espadrilles come in all kinds of designs from funky prints, to glittering metallic’s, stripes, checks and the standard colour ways. Espadrilles give a freedom to footwear, allowing your personality to shine through your choice. For a huge range of espadrilles in all colours and styles from branded espadrilles to basics shop online at
Toms Shoes are famous for their charity pitch, One For One, for every pair of Toms Espadrilles sold they as a company will donate a pair of shoes to somebody in need. It is this motto alone which has helped raise the profile of espadrilles and make them an extremely commercial choice. It is because anything goes with espadrilles that they have been at the forefront of charity ad campaigns throughout the years; breast cancer is a good example from Paez. Mr Shoes supports these causes.
Espadrilles were a massive hit this year for festival lovers, abandoning their trusty wellies and replacing them with espadrilles of all colours. Celebrities are also fans of the ropey soled classic Alexa Chung has been spotted wearing wedge espadrilles and Kelly Brooke too on a recent trip to L.A